Corona measures

Face masks are mandatory at the hotel.

During the Corona crisis, the Duinhof team closely followed everything in terms of measures and guidelines communicated by the National Security Council.

"We went through everything in detail and adapted to the safety of our guest."

  • breakfast buffet will not be available indefinitely. It will still be possible to have breakfast at your room at the price of 22,- Euro per person. We would like to ask you to let us know at what time you would like to have breakfast.

  • a romantic dinner is also possible in the room. Takeaway meals can be enjoyed in the room, we are happy to provide you with plates and cutlery.
  • Hand hygiene is key. Our staff members will be monitored daily that they maintain good hand hygiene, by washing their hands frequently and in the right way!  It’s important for their health and that of our guests.

  • Our staff will be provided with the right tools to maintain the safety in the hotel.

  • Our bar with service is open all day until 20h. It is no longer allowed to serve drinks after 20h. We can fill your mini bar acording to your taste and desire.

  • Because of safety measurements, our sauna is only open for private use.